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Short Description

Infitol Infusion is a clear solution, colorless, sterile and pyrogen-free which is available in 500 ml softbag package.


Infitol as an osmotic diuretic could be used for several different purposes, among others :

  • Prophylaxis of acute renal failure.

  • Differential diagnosis of acute oliguria.

  • Reduction of cerebrospinal fluid and intraocular pressure.


Infitol Infusion need to be warmed before administration to dissolve its crystal.

  • Adult dose to induce diuresis : Dosage range between 50-200 g with 24 hours infusion. Infusion rate is adjusted to maintain urine volume at least 30-50 ml per hours. Patients with clear oliguria or doubt about renal function, treatment should be preceded by test dose. Recommended test dose is 200 mg/kgBW (about 75 ml) for 3-5 minutes. If the dose of the first or second trial failed to induce urine flow greater than 30 ml per hour for 2-3 hours, the patient need to be reassessed.

  • Dose for the prevention of acute renal failure during surgery or treatment oliguria :Total dose is 50 - 100 g for adult patients.

  • Dose to lower intracranial pressure and brain mass before brain surgery, or lowering intraocular pressure during glaucoma episodic : A total of 1.5 - 2 kg Infitol Infusion is administered as 20% solution within 30 - 40 minutes


Intravenous Solution Product

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