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Sodium Chloride, Terrastarch

Short Description

Hesfion Infusion is a clear solution, colorless, sterile, and non pyrogen is available in 500 ml softbag.


Treatment and prophylaxis of hypovolemia.


  • For continous intravenous infusion.

  • The initial 10 - 20 ml are to be infused slowly, keeping the patient under close observation (due to possible anaphylactoid reactions).

  • The daily dose and rate of infusion depend on the patient's blood loss, on the maintenance or restoration of haemodynamics and on the haemodilution (dilution effect).

  • The maximum daily dose is 50 ml/kgBW/day.

  • Hesfion can be administered repetitively over several days according to the patient's needs. The duration of treatment depends on the duration and extent of hypovolemia, the haemodynamics, and on the haemodilution.

  • There is currently limited experience with this maximum daily dose given for prolonged periods.


Intravenous Solution Product

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