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Short Description

MELFION with Meloxicam as active ingredient is available in Tablet 15 mg.


MELFION is indicated for:

  • Short term symptomatic treatment of acute exacerbation osteoarthritis.

  • Long term symptomatic treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (chronic polyarthritis).


  • Osteoarthritis : 7.5 mg daily. If necessary, the dose may be increased to 15 mg/daily.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis : 15 mg daily. The dose may be reduced to 7.5 mg daily according to therapeutic response.

  • In patients with increased risk of adverse reactions: initial dose 7.5 mg daily.

  • In dialysis patients with severe renal failure, the dose should not exceed 7.5 mg daily.

  • The maximum recommended daily dose of MELFION is 15 mg.

  • As a dosage for use in children has yet to be established, usage of Melfion should be restricted to adults.

  • Tablet should be swallowed with water or other fluid in conjunction with food.


Central Nervous System Product

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