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Short Description

Fiotram® contains Paracetamol and Tramadol HCl as active ingredient is available in film coated caplet.


Fiotram® is indicated for short term treatment of acute pain.


Unless otherwise prescribed, Fiotram® should be administered as follows :

  • Adults and children over 16 years : The maximum single dose of Fiotram is 1 to 2 tablets every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain relief up to a maximum of 8 tablets per day. Fiotram can be administered without regard to food.

  • Pediatric (children below 16 years) : The safety and effectiveness of Fiotram has not been established in the pediatric population.

  • Elderly (geriatric) : No overall differences with regard to safety or pharmacokinetics were noted between subjects >= 65 years of age and younger subjects.

Fiotram® Film coated caplet 

Box, 3 strips @ 10 film coated caplets


Central Nervous System Product

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