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Cition Injection

Citicoline Sodium

Short Description

Cition containing Citicoline sodium (equivalent to Citicoline) as active ingredient which is available in IV injection 1000 mg/8 ml.


  • Loss of consciousness disorder due to brain damage, head trauma, or brain surgery and cerebral infarction.

  • Speeds up the rehabilitation of upper extremities in apoplectic hemiplegia patients: patients with relatively mild lower extremity paralysis presenting within one year and being rehabilitated and being  treated with usual oral drugs (drugs that activate cerebral metabolism or improve circulation).



  1. Consciousness disorder that caused by head trauma or brain surgery : usually 100 mg to 500 mg, 1-2 times daily by intravenous drip or usual intravenous.

  2. Psychological or nervous disorders: Consciousness disorder that caused by acute cerebral infarct : Citicoline 1000 mg once daily by intravenously for 2 consecutive weeks. In case of hemiplegia post cerebral apoplexy : usually Citicoline 1000 mg once daily by intravenously for 4 consecutive weeks and if improvement is seen, the administration is continued for another 4 weeks. 


  1. In acute and critical situations, Citicoline should be administered in conjunction with anti-hemorrhagic and drug or treatment for reducing intracranial pressure and keep body temperature low.

  2. If intracranial bleeding still occurs, avoid giving Citicoline with high doses (more than 500 mg at a time), because it can accelerate blood flow in the brain. In this case, a small dose is needed (100 mg-200 mg, 2-3 times daily).

  3. Intravenous administration should be very slowly.

  4. Caution should be given to patients with a history of hypersensitivity.

  5. For patients with consciousness disorders due to acute cerebral infarction, the treatment is recommended initiated within 2 weeks after apoplectic stroke.


Cition Injection 1000 mg

  • Each ml Cition IV Injection 1000 mg/8 ml contains Citicoline sodium equivalent to Citicoline 125 mg.

  • Box, 5 ampoules @ 8 ml


Central Nervous System Product

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