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Chlodine Scrub 2%

Chlorexidine gluconate 2%

Short Description

Bactericidal skin cleansing antiseptic and has anti-microbial effects on Gram-positive and Gram-negative.


Chlorexidine gluconate 2%


Use without diluted.

Pre-operative surgical hand disinfection :

Wet the hands and forearms, apply 5 ml of Chlodine Scrub 2% b/v and wash for one minute cleaning the fingernails with a brush or scraper. Rinse, apply a further 5 ml of Chlodine Scrub 2% b/v and continue washing for a further 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Antiseptic handwash on the hospital ward or high risk area :

Wet the hands and forearms, apply 5 ml of Chlodine Scrub 2% b/v and wash for 1 minute paying particular attention to fingernails. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Pre-operative skin antiseptic :

wash whole body of patient at least 2 occasions, usually the day before and the day of operation as follows :

The day before operation, washes with 25 ml of Chlodine Scrub 2% b/v beginning with the face and working downwards paying particular attention to areas around the nose, axillae, umbilicus, groin and perineum (the part between genitals and rectum). Rinse and the wash repeated with a further 25 ml of Chlodine Scrub 2% b/v, this time including the hair. Finally, rinses entire body thoroughly and dries on a clean towel. This procedure should be repeated the following day. 

Use the standard bed-bath technique for patients confined to bed.

Post-operative skin antiseptic :

Wash whole body of the patient, excluding the operation wound on the third day after operation using the procedure described aboved. 


Netto : 500 ml and 5 L 


Antiseptics & Wound Care Product

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