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About Infion

Infion Pharma is an Indonesian pharmaceutical company located in Pandaan, East Java, was established on 2008. With the main vision of making Indonesia self reliant and self sufficient in healthcare. So the quality of the Indonesian's health became more assured, through the presence of Infion Pharma product which high quality and international standardized.

To improve the quality of their products, in addition to a variety of innovations, Infion Pharma has always get involved in investing to develop sophisticated technology, as well as continuous research in order to create a high quality products with an affordable price. Besides to reach the domestic products, Infion Pharma is also active to sell their products to other countries. This expansion proves that Indonesian products are also able to compete in global markets, so that the positive benefits of the products can be enjoyed by more and more people both domestically and internationally.

Infion Pharma at present produces only ethical products and are planning to expand to other range of various therapeutic areas. With the continuous development, expected to be more and more new products that could be offered and can bring positive benefits to the people.

In developing its products, Infion Pharma also always active in the aspect of standardization, as well as implementing Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) and Current Good Manufacturing Practices ( CGMP ), so that the resulting product standardization can be responsibility and used with a healthy and safe for users.

With all the experience, facilities, technology, human resources, as well as the standardization that has been owned, Infion Pharma is interested in partnership opportunity with other manufactures, having capabilities in product portfolio in key of therapeutic areas. This synergy will be a compliment for us to broaden our product ranges together with our partners include marketing and distribution partners,pharmaceutical companies and MDDI ( Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry ) manufactures from the worldwide

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Core Value

We honor our commitments
Infion is a responsible corporation committed to the health and safety of people, protection of the environment, and compliance with laws, regulations, and company policies

First Quality
Quality comes first
Infion is committed to providing high-quality healthcare products to the world societies. We always evaluate and conduct continuous improvement on our working processes in order to assure the best outcome.

Innovate through experimentation
Infion is committed and  always determine to provide the societies with sophisticated affordable healthcare products. In which, continuous innovation is a necessity.

Our Company Profile

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Alliances and Collaboration Infion alliances are based on trust, collaboration and quality of the result. Infion's mission is to provide Indonesian and global societies with high quality healthcare solution are the main reason for global alliance.

By exploring collaboration, Infion can serve people's health by producing different therapeutic products which are not available to our society and sharing resources to others effectively. Infion welcomes reliable partners in various ranges of healthcare fields together to provide high quality healthcare solutions.

Infion believes that every single partnership will generate multiple benefits for many entities. Infion will consistently pursue collaboration with high quality global healthcare companies and unite our resources to provide high quality healthcare solutions for Indonesian and global community.


Be a Part of Us

Seize the opportunity to be a part of our community and make a better future
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Medi Kharisma



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Contact us :

Head Quarter Office:
Jl. Raya Kasri 153, Tawang Rejo
Pandaan, Pasuruan 
Jawa Timur 67156 

+62 (343) 631761

+62 (343) 633807

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